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Neutral woman took the■m into her lodge, entertained th■em for two weeks with her best fare, persuaded● her father and relatives to befriend them, a●nd aided them to make a vocabulary of ■the dialect. Bidding their generous hoste■ss farewell, they journeyed northward, ●th

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rough the melting snows of spring, ■and reached Sainte Marie in safety. [8] [●8] Lalemant, in his Relation of■ 1641, gives the narrative of thi●s mission at length. His account ●coincides perfectly with the br●iefer not


ice of Chaumonot in his ■Autobiography. Chaumonot describes the d●ifficulties of the journey very graphically■ in a letter to his friend, Father Napp●i, dated Aug. 3, 1640, preserved■ in Carayon. See also the next letter,


Bréb■euf au T. R. P. Mutio Vitelleschi, 20 ●Ao?t, 1641. The Récollet La Roche ●Dallion had visited the Neutrals fourteen yea■rs before, (see Introduction, note,) and, li■ke his two successors, had been ser■iously end


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angered by Huron intrigues. The ●Jesuits had borne all that the human frame ■seems capable of beari

ng. They had escaped a■s by miracle from torture and death●. Did their zeal flag or thei●r courage

fail? A fervor intense and unquench■able urged them on to more distant an■d more deadly ventures. Th

e beings, so● near to mortal sympathies, so● human, yet so divine, in whom their fa■ith impersonate

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